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Holistic Care is Our Goal

Amani Care is a Registered NDIS Provider and deliver holistic and innovative services tailored to meet individual uniqueness. Together we can achieve more by providing tailored solutions for Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services. We're based in Pakenham and provide our NDIS services not only to the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne but also to the South Gippsland, Baw Baw, Wellington and Latrobe City Shires. This includes the towns of  Leongatha, Warragul, Traralgon, Morwell, Mirboo North and Sale.

Our Promise

Our Vision

To inspire people with diverse potentials to experience outcomes of their choice. This is done by providing care and support that enable them to maximise their abilities.

Our Mission

To provide holistic and innovative services tailored to meet individual uniqueness. Amani is a Swahili name that means Peace and it is the centre of everything we do.

Core Values

Excellence – We strive for excellence in the care and services we provide. This is guided by evidence based practice.

Respect – We treasure the inherent dignity of every individual we provide our care and services to.

Compassion – We are sensitive to the emotional, physical and mental needs of everyone we provide our care and services to. With this, we strive to meet their unique needs and desires.

Inclusivity – We provide equal access to opportunities and resources – regardless of an individual’s diversity. This includes, but is not limited to age, gender, sexuality, cultural background, beliefs or disability. including and not limited to age, gender, cultural background, beliefs.

Accountability – We are focused on achieving the highest level of holistic and innovative care for everyone we provide our services to.

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At Amani Care, our qualified team meets your unique needs by using a diverse range of approaches guided by evidence-based practice.  

Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach means we provide our care services by looking at the whole person. By doing this our care helps to support the person’s mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.

Person Centred Approach

A person centred approach is where an individual is supported to lead their own care and be treated as a person first. The aim is to enable the person to build and keep control over their life.

The approach places emphasis on achieving the person’s aspirations, whilst being tailored to their unique needs and circumstances. To achieve this, consideration is given to each person’s life experience and demographics. 

Recovery Oriented Approach

Recovery is the achievement of an optimal state of personal, social and emotional wellbeing. This is defined by each individual, whilst living with or recovering from a health condition.

The principles of a recovery oriented approach include understanding that each person is different and should be supported to make their own choices, listened to and treated with dignity and respect. Each person is the expert of their own life and support should assist them to achieve their hopes, goals and aspirations. Recovery will mean different things to different people.